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MacLinguist is a light-weight translator for macOS. It works by pointing your mouse cursor over some (possibly selected) text fragment and pressing Control (or Ctrl) ⌃ twice. MacLinguist shows a popup with a translation right where your mouse cursor is. And if you press Option (or Alt) ⌥ MacLinguist will replace the currently selected text with the translation. MacLinguist supports over 40 languages.

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Made in Ukraine 🇺🇦

How MacLinguist Works

After you've pressed the Control button twice, MacLinguist reads the text of the element which is currently located under the mouse cursor. It can be text in any arbitrary application: a paragraph of text in Safari, some text on a system button or even a menu item in Menu Bar. MacLinguist can even translate filenames - just point your mouse on a file in Finder! If you prefer only a certain part of text to be translated, just select that part of the text, and press the Control button twice. Most OS X applications allow MacLinguist to translate text right away, however some applications like TextWrangler, Chrome and Opera, require the text to be selected (highlighted) prior to be translated.

MacLinguist can replace the currently selected text with the translation - just press Option (Alt), while holding Control.

Take a glance at what MacLinguist can do!

By default MacLinguist translates any of the 40 supported languages (it autodetects the language of the text) into your current system language, however you can easily select another destination language that you want MacLinguist to translate the texts to.

MacLinguist also supports Typing Mode. If you press Option+Space, you can enter some text that you want to have translated manually. The text will be translated as you type. If you press Enter, the translated text will be pasted automatically into your current application.


Development and support takes time and efforts. Furthermore the online translation services that the app uses are not free. If you find the application helpful and wish to help us continue developing and enhancing MacLinguist, please consider buying it. You can use it for free to do twenty translations.

You can download a free trial version. Later, if you like the application, you can purchase a full version. MacLinguist costs just one lunch - $19.


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MacLinguist Standard

A basic version of MacLinguist.

Highlight a piece of text, double press Control and see the translation pop up while you're still holding Control. Press Option to replace currently selected text with the translation.

MacLinguist works seamlessly with most applications and doesn't interfere with your work.

Ideal for short (up to a couple of sentences) translations.

Single purchase lets you use it indefinitely. A single license is valid per machine.

Price: 19 usd + tax.

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Can I get a discount?

MacLinguist Pro

Does everything that the standard version does, PLUS:

  1. Allows translation of significantly larger paragraphs of text.
  2. Lets you set up a second target language, essentially allowing you to translate in both directions: when you double press Control, the text is translated into the first language. When you double press Control, holding Fn key, the text is translated into the second language. You are also able to paste any of these translations by pressing Alt.

6 months subscription

Price: 6 usd/mo + tax.

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